Bespoke Web Application Design and Development

Few Web Development companies in Bristol/South West are capable of building a bespoke web application to a defined specification, Hit Services pride ourselves on our ability to engineer a web application from design to implementation.

websitedesign_bespoke.jpg"Stand out from the crowd with a bespoke web application"

A website with unique bespoke functionality can provide a mechanism in which to guarantee return traffic. The most complex element of a site is ensuring that your visitors return, by offering something a 'little different' you'll boost your bounce rate (a term used to describe your revisit ratio).

We code and develop using the latest concepts, methods and OOD (Object Orientated Design). We use the following standards:

  • PHP | Efficient, speedy, extensible and flexible.
  • CSS | For cross-browser, accessibility compliant styling.
  • XHTML | The strictest, cleanest variant of HTML to ensure compliance.

We will map any processes, functions and procedures using Visio giving you visibility of the application backend.

So, if you have an innovative idea, get in touch and we'll see if we can help you to build it! Head over to our Contact page for more information.