SEO | Search Engine Optimisation

We hear frequently of Bristol Web Development companies telling customers that they will push their website to the top of the search engines, however they're saying the same to every other client - its simply a lie and an elaborate scam.

logo_google_mix.jpgThe keyword that a web company focuses on when optimising a website for search engine rankings must be relevant and realistic when considering what a potential customer might enter into Google. For instance, as a web development company in Bristol our focused search phrase for optimisation might be 'Website Design in Bristol' - its tricky though, there are lots of web development companies in the South West and to appear in the top 10 can take time!

The scam is where a web company will indeed get you to the top, but only when a customer searches for a specific and irrelevant phrase such as, in our case, 'hit services website design company near totterdown in bristol' - the chances of a customer entering such a specific phrase are nil.

"Don't be conned by promises of a top 10 spot!"

We act on the realistic premise that if a website is popular, has reciprocal links throughout the internet, is frequently updated and contains content to ensure a high bounce rate (your visitor return ratio) it'll naturally rise within the search engines organically.

Requirements for the above services are always fairly bespoke and so for pricing please contact us with your requirements.